Wingback Sofa Slipcovers

If your wingback sofa has lost some of it's charm, you can reclaim it's former elegance with wingback sofa slipcovers. There are a range of color choices to match your other furnishings in either a solid color or patterned. With wingback sofa slipcovers you can dress up or dress down a sofa's appearance and set the tone for the room.

The design of wingback sofas occurred at a time when the only central heating was a fireplace. And the wings helped cut down on drafts for anyone sitting on the sofa. Since there wasn't any air-conditioning either, light cotton wingback sofa slipcovers were often used in the warmer months. Then as now, the cotton covers provided more comfort than the original heavier upholstery.

One of the appeals of wingback sofa slipcovers is that you're free to change the style of the sofa in any way you wish. You can keep it simple and light with a solid beige or go more casual with a colorful plaid. And if you want to increase the texture in a room, a hobnail chenille can add plush comfort.

Ready-made slipcovers are particularly suited for wingback sofas. Their slightly looser fit, compared to custom covers, is the same style that's still preferred in Europe where the sofas originated. The slipcovers ability to soften the sofa's lines are especially pleasing in rooms with mostly straight lines. And of course the lower cost of ready-made slipcovers can be appreciated in any country.

Like a new suit of clothes, wingback sofa slipcovers, not only make for an improved appearance, but they make you feel better too. Both the sofa and the slipcovers are practical by design but in the proper setting they also give sustaining comfort.

You can keep your sofa and avoid the high cost of reupholstery, when you choose from the selection of wingback sofa slipcovers when you Shop for Savings up to 30% Off.

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